Brain Injury from Opioid Overdose: Resources

Updated: April 2021

Continuing Education

Here you will find a compilation of trainings and other educational content to increase your knowledge base of brain injury from opioid overdose. Check back for updates.

Roads to Recovery - Overdose and Brain Injury Documentary, aired on New Hampshire PBS in 2019

Watch Documentary

Brain Injury: The Silent Partner in Substance Use Disorder & Strategies To Help Those Impacted, Presented at the 2020 NHPA Annual Meeting

Treatment Resources for Providers

SUBI Client Workbook: This workbook is designed for individuals that are living with an acquired brain injury and some time of substance use disorder. Information and the downloadable workbook can be found on the BrainLine website. 

Accommodating Traumatic Brain Injury: Training guide covering accommodations for clients and patients that may have a brain injury. This training guide can be downloaded from the Brain Injury Association Of Minnesota website

Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Tool: Ohio State University provides an excellent screening tool that is primarily used for Traumatic Brain Injury, but has been used by many providers for brain injury that results from opioid overdose. The screening tool can be found on the Ohio State University website.

Research Articles

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General Resources

You can learn more about brain injury by visiting the websites below. 

Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Association of America

Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

Brain Line


New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

NHDHHS Acquired Brain Disorders